Finding a home cure to tighten up your down there region can be a little difficult. There are so many people telling you so many different things it’s confusing. We understand! Trying to do a little research on the topic we have ran into various solutions. The only way we could tell if they worked or not was to try them. So to save you the time of testing, testing, and more testing, we’ve decided to share our top result

Now before we get into this we want to tell you that there are quicker ways to get the vaginal muscles tighter. The quickest by far is cosmetic surgery. This is no surprise to most people, however it’s very risky and costs a lot of money. This is usually out of most people’s price range. For a more simple solution, you could try an over the counter tightening gel. V-Tight is definitely the most popular right now.

If you would rather stick to all natural home remedies we have found the best to be vinegar. The easiest way to is use a few teaspoons in your bathwater This will help to shrink the vag as it has been proven effective for hundreds of years by the Ancient Chinese culture There are a couple of other ways you could use it, such as rubbing it on the skin. We’ve found that the bath route is the best by far.